Donna Lynne P.

I have wanted to take Pilates for a very long time but had no idea where to go. Then my orthopedic recommended I start Pilates to strengthen my core to reduce/eliminate back pain. Someone I trusted implicitly highly recommended Stacy Hood in Weston at about the same time. I started private sessions three times a week nine months ago and absolutely love it. Physically I feel better, stronger and more flexible than I have in a very long time. My balance has also improved significantly. Stacy is absolutely wonderful and I adore her. For 60 minutes each session she is entirely focused on you and your success and misses nothing. She’s intently watching every move you make from head to toe. I am so grateful to have found such an experienced expert immediately.

Tracy-Ann C.

Over the past 5+ years, Health and wellness have become an active part of my life. Unfortunately (or considering this scenario) I injured hurt myself and sustained injuries to my right arm, left knee, right ankle, right foot and lower back, I was on the bench and gained several lbs. My doctor recommended Pilates and I found Stacy with all these amazing reviews! Well, they are all on point! Stacy is tough, but fair! She takes pride in her ability to make a difference and exudes a plethora of knowledge about Pilates, The anatomy while emphasizing that movement is healing. Pilates contributes to my recovery and strength! I was able to start seeing my body change back into a healthier form and doing things I never imagined! My back pain is gone as the exercises administered by Stacy was like medicine. I cannot express enough that Pilates4Everybody and Stacy has changed my approach to exercise. The only question I keep asking myself is… why didn’t I try it sooner?!

Leszek Kocik

Stacy is the Best Pilates teacher in South Florida. Real men do Pilates and, get Abs.

Amy Siskind

Absolutely the best! Small classes and privates provide the setting for instruction from professionals who know how to get the most out of a workout for their clients.

Alli Dee

Extremely knowledgeable! Amazing! Only 4 reformers so it’s semi private.

Danielle Neveloff

Stacy is the absolute best! No other studio is like hers. Only 4 reformers in a class so you always get personal attention. She teaches classes at all levels and can personally modify within each class in order for EVERYONE to be challenged! I have herniated discs in my lower back and when I first started with her I was very weak and struggled with constant back pain. Stacy has helped me strengthen my core and diminish my back issues tremendously. I always look forward to my Pilates days, we have fun while getting a great workout!!!!

Neil Spanier

Such a great workout. The instructor was awesome too.

Teresa Avison

Fitness nirvana! I was looking for a class that could take me to my personal best and be focused on me, and I could not be happier with what I found here. Stacy is the perfect balance of tough yet nurturing. Stacy is THE best!

Jane S

Stacy is the best Pilates instructor I have ever had. She is knowledgeable, professional and pleasant. I always leave her class feeling great and wanting to come back for more. She truly is the best!!

75-012 sn

Pilates with Stacy is just great! She is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, which means you are never bored and she can cater a class to any special need that one may have. All levels can benefit and learn from her, and there never more than 4 in a class. You get stronger and also have fun while doing it 🙂

Ellen G.

Stacy definitely knows her stuff. Her classes are tough but you will get quite the workout during them. I started Pilates to help with my horseback riding passion and have definitely noticed changes. She pushes you hard but is very safe. Definitely a positive workout experience.

Cb J.

Going on 4 years of pilates and Stacy is the best! She has years of knoweldge and experience, which means you are never bored and she can cater a class to any special need that one may have. She has class offerings at all levels, and never more than 4 in a class. Her eagle eyes will keep your form in check, and you will have fun while also getting a great workout!

Collen H.

I was a Pilates beginner and reall out of shape. Stacy is friendly, encouraging ad patient. I really enjoy her classes. I’ve been going to her classes for 3 mounth now and dufinitely notice a differnce in my posture and new subtle carving of my muscles. Great insructor. Highly recommended Stacy and her classes.

Jessica M.

Absolutely love Stacy!! She’s an amazing instructor. I’ve done Pilates year ago with another instructor and they never compared to Stacy at Pilates 4 everyone. Her training is top notch. I have a neck injury and she is extremely cautious of it and works with me to strengthen my neck muscles. I love Pilates even more now that I’ve been with Stacy. I highly highly recommend her!