Safety Measures at the Studio

  • We are considered essential for our rehab clients and are allowing a 30 minute window between each client to enable us to wipe down and disinfect everything even more thorough than our norm.
  • We can assure you that when we are able to reopen for our group classes we will be taking the highest measures to disinfect EVERYTHING you come into contact with and will refrain from tactile cues for safety measures at that time.
  • We will be using a recommended UV light in addition and everything will get a deep clean daily.  We also have reformer loops for sale that you can keep with you for your own personal use.  I recommend purchasing these ASAP if interested as they are limited.  
  • Face masks are mandatory to wear.
  • We changed our scheduling system. You can now purchase packages and sign up for sessions online.  Click here to access online schedule.
  • Packages can now be purchased online directly through our website.   

Studio Policies

  • In order to qualify for early renewal discounts, a credit card will need to be left on file or you will have to keep track of your own packages and renew prior to half way through. (THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS) This can all be done online now leaving us more time to do what we do so well and that means more time to focus on you and less clerical work for me.  
  • As we are able to transition back to our group sessions, our ZOOM sessions will be here to stay.  Times and days will be adjusted monthly and we ask for your input and patience as we navigate our way through our NEW NORMAL.
  • Group sessions are subject to cancelation if only one person is registered.
  • All of our ZOOM classes will be recorded and accessible for you to participate in even if the time doesn’t work for you. In addition we are working on a YOUTUBE channel that will offer on demand content for a small monthly membership.
  • All sessions are subject to 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END –  All packages have a 6 mo expiration date.
  • All packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T CELL phone MUST be placed SILENT before entering. If you are expecting a call related to an emergency please put it on silent and keep it next to you.  Get up and exit when the call comes in. If you forgot to put it on silent please get up right away and put it on silent. 
  • FASHION – CLEAN, Pilates socks are mandatory.
  • PLEASE WASH YOUR SOCKS BETWEEN EACH SESSION to  avoid an uncomfortable warning.  This does not mean that you can use hospital socks or socks from the trampoline places as these are not safe for pilates.  
  • If you forget your socks, we have them for sale in the studio for $18.  
  • All men must wear sliders under shorts.  
  • No zippers are allowed on  the equipment, please wear form fitting clothes so that we can correct your form.  We can not correct what we can’t see. 
  • Tardiness is NOT cute, classes will be closed after 5 minutes. While we understand that on an occasion this may happen,  please do not make it a habit out of respect for the other students and the instructor. This is disturbing and can be dangerous. 

Wishing you all Safety and Health in BODY & MIND.